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We help you finance agrifood supply chains that

Protect your farm income due to yield losses using our risk instruments. Get rewarded for implementing farming practices that reduce risk by increasing soil quality, provide healthy environments for you livestock, and provide fair working conditions for your labourers.

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The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays freight both ways.

Helmut Drewes, CEO at Agrista

On a mission to make quality food available to everyone

Recent climate events, the massive shift to working from home, and the origin of pandemics from intensive livestock production has led society to deeply reassess how we produce and consume food. This requires a rethink of how we invest and finance agriculture.

A growing population, extreme poverty, climate change and increasing sustainability concerns have been challenging global food security. The Coronavirus pandemic and its impacts on poverty through market failures have generated even greater recent threats to ensuring global food security.

Contagra provides valuable tools for farmers, offtakers and financiers to tackle the crises. On our platform, co-operatives, food brands and retailers can manage the direct procurement of produce from farmers.

Farmers can submit financial and production data such as their farming assets, production records, production plans, and financing needs when registering as suppliers in integrated supply chains.

Contagra also implements GNSS data, satellite imagery and weather data to allow crop monitoring and evaluate yield indices to manage credit and supply risk. This enables financiers to analyse of past and present production performance when making credit decisions. Our goal is to make working capital available to farmers based on their production ability and market opportunity, and not the value of his assets. This is a disruptive approach to financing agriculture especially in emerging economies where food production needs to be sustainably increased and farmers lack of collateral as secutirities for production credit.

We are actively working on risk instruments that protect farmers against revenue losses as they transition to more sustainable, regenerative farming practices. This creates opportunities for financiers to invest in a more climate-friendly, livestock-healthy and socially beneficial future. Remote sensing of crop and soil moisture conditions is an integral ingredient of the product, an excellent application of space tech.

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